You Need Specialized RV Insurance for Your Recreational Vehicle

Think about it. You don’t have just one catch-all insurance policy for all of your assets and loved ones, right? You insure your health with health insurance, your life and income with life insurance, your home with homeowners insurance, your car with auto insurance, and even your pets with a special pet liability policy. Do you have an RV? Then it makes sense to get specialized RV insurance for your recreational vehicle. An RV isn’t any car, meaning regular auto insurance isn’t going to cut it.

There are certain aspects that are going to need more coverage than most. Think about it: your RV is your home away from home. A vessel that’s thousands of pounds on a set of wheels. It provides the permanence of a home with the mobility of a car. Since there are more numerous and unique risk exposures here, a separate policy is necessary.

But what kind of coverage does an RV really need that’s different from a car? An RV has water, electronic equipment, cooking materials, and a bathroom. Think about what could happen in any type of accident. 

In fact, a lot of Americans have opted away from traditional home life and gone completely nomadic in their RVs. While the laws vary by state, there’s no reason why you should risk taking your RV on the road without proper coverage.

Here are some of the types of specialized RV Insurance coverage that one needs to consider before hitting the road.


  • Liability – If you’re hit or you hit someone else, this coverage is going to cover the damage. You might have a premium for it but it’s better than not having any coverage at all. This covers both bodily image and physical car damage.
  • Comprehensive and Collision InsuranceThe thing is, liability won’t cover everything. That’s where this extension comes in handy. If the damage to your RV is hefty, you can breathe a little. This coverage will ensure you are also covered from things like theft, animal collision, falling objects, and vandalism. This type of insurance is also going to have a deductible attached to it.
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist CoverageIf someone’s lacking insurance, this neat little add-on comes in handy. It’s a way to make sure that everyone gets paid their fair share.
  • Personal Property and Attachment Coverage All of the extra stuff in your RV like furniture, satellite dishes sporting equipment or camping supplies will also need coverage. This add-on allows for your personal property to be replaced.
  • Roadside AssistanceIf you’re traveling around constantly in an RV, you’re going to want some really good roadside assistance for assistance if things get a little awry. Being able to get a tow is absolutely crucial. Check with your specialized RV insurance agent on the high-limit coverage to account for the large vehicle size.
  • Full-time RV CoverageIf you’re completely living out of your RV, you’re really going to need this. Without it, you could lose everything in an accident or even theft. It’s essentially like a homeowners policy; there are more personal liability and medical payments for visitors that get accidentally injured, as well as complete coverage for any items you keep in storage back in your hometown while traveling.

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