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The team at Transparity Insurance Services understands what it means to be a boat owner in Texas. With the consistent heat and abundant waterways near us in Sugar Land, Texas, getting out on the water is one of life’s great pleasures, but accidents can happen. Sadly, repairs and injuries can be expensive, so we take the need for Boat and Watercraft insurance very seriously.

Whether you enjoy fishing, cruising, sailing, or jet skiing, we’ll help ensure that you, your family, guests, and the boat itself is well protected on and off the water.

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From personal liability and property insurance to towing, trailers, and even natural disasters, it takes time and consideration to make sure every aspect is covered. And, just as there are lots of different types of boats/watercraft out there, various Watercraft insurance coverage options are also available, including:

  • Hull insurance: Covers damage to your boat and any damage your boat causes to the property of others. Pays for the cost of boat repairs. If a total loss occurs, the policy will pay the agreed value of the boat.
  • Third-Party Liability insurance: Covers damage your boat causes to the property of others. Also covers any incidental damage caused such as liability stemming from fuel spills, towing, medical expenses and any rescue operations necessary. Your marina may require you to carry a third-party marine liability policy.
  • All Risk Policies: Typically covers any risk not specifically excluded in the Boat policy such as ice damage, freezing, pollution liability, reef damage liability, and mechanical breakdown.
  • Actual Cash Value or Agreed Value: Coverage can be designed to pay the actual cash value of your boat or an agreed value predetermined when you buy your policy.
  • Yacht Insurance: Covers vessels 27′ or larger. A special policy is needed because these larger vessels typically have more exposure than smaller watercraft.
  • Boat Club: Covers all members of a boat club when operating a vessel for property damage and liability.

The team at Transparity Insurance Services is here to help determine what coverage fits your needs. Our industry experience and intimate knowledge of the region make us the perfect partner for your Boat insurance needs.

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When we founded Transparity Insurance Services, we were looking to do things differently. We wanted clients to have a hassle-free, positive experience when insuring their property and assets. This meant making things simple, easy and efficient with state-of-the-art technology, delivering great customer service with open and transparent communication, and putting into place the right insurance program at competitive pricing. We invite you to experience what that’s all about. Start by giving us a call at (855) 889-2037.