Home in Sugar Land, TX even sweeter
with comprehensive homeowners’ insurance coverage.

Maybe you’re a first time home buyer, or perhaps you want to upgrade to a larger space to accommodate your growing family. Or, you’ve found the perfect beachfront getaway. One thing is for sure: You need Sugar Land home insurance that speaks to your needs. At Transparity Insurance Services, we get that homeownership is one of the biggest investments, if not the biggest, most of us make. That’s why we won’t offer you a cookie-cutter solution. We’ll take the time to customize your coverage so that your hard work is on solid ground. If there is a fire or an accident at your home, we know you want to hear, ‘yes, you’re covered, we’re on it.’

Home insurance highlights.

Your home is more than just a structure; it’s where you experience a lifetime of memories. We want to ensure that these memories continue in the comfort and security of your home with comprehensive Homeowners insurance that includes:

  • Property: Covers the physical structure of your home and your personal property if they get damaged or destroyed.
  • Liability: If a third party is injured or killed, or their property is damaged or destroyed while they’re on your property, this will cover your personal legal responsibility. Coverage extends to cases where damage or injury happens adjacent to your property, such as when the limb of a tree on your property falls on a parked car on the street.
  • Temporary Housing: Sometimes the damage to your home means moving out while repairs are being done. This coverage pays for a hotel or temporary housing up to a certain limit.

We will review with you the amount of property and liability insurance necessary to address your risks. Our staff will also discuss purchasing replacement cost coverage on both the building and your personal property so that you are properly protected. You may also need to consider buying a Personal Umbrella policy to extend the liability coverage under your Homeowners (and Personal Auto) policy.

It’s also important to note that valuables like fine art and jewelry are covered up to specific amounts under a Homeowners policy. Expensive items should be covered with additional coverage to your Homeowners insurance or on a separate policy. Flood damage is not covered under Homeowners insurance. We offer solutions for Flood insurance and are ready to go over this must-have coverage with you.

It’s time for a different
insurance experience.

When we founded Transparity Insurance Services, we were looking to do things differently. We wanted clients to have a hassle-free, positive experience when insuring their property and assets. This meant making things simple, easy and efficient with state-of-the-art technology, delivering great customer service with open and transparent communication, and putting into place the right insurance program at competitive pricing. We invite you to experience what that’s all about. Start by giving us a call at (855) 889-2037.