The Process of Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim

The average Homeowners Insurance premium has gone up since 2015, says the Insurance Information Institute (iii). Why is that? Claim frequency and claim severity have both increased in the past several years, and with those increases comes a jump in premium costs. In 2017, 6 percent of homes ended up filing a claim across the U.S., according to experts.

We can’t stop people from getting hurt. But there is a way to make it happen a lot less painful. Many just don’t pay attention to it. No one’s perfect and sometimes, things just happen that we can’t control. And the things that can happen to your home wide from strange to devastating: but the one thing we can control is helping you through the process of filing a homeowners insurance claim.

When something happens to your home or on your property, your homeowners insurance agent is who you need to call. An accident and the subsequent claim can be nerve-wracking, and agents are there to help you through the process.

The Homeowners Insurance Claims Process

Dealing with filing a homeowners insurance claim is never easy on your own, especially with your first or a new home. Here’s how to keep your head up and push through this filing process.

  1. Crimes have to be reported to the police immediately. If it’s a serious crime, time is of the essence. When theft, vandalism, or burglary has trashed your home, call the cops immediately. Fill out a detailed police report, which includes the names of all law enforcement officers you spoke with, as well as other details that the insurer might need to know. If it is a simple accident (such as a tree falling onto your home), you will not need to contact law enforcement.
  2. Once the cops are called, call your insurance company. The faster they get on this the better it’ll be. Find out your coverage, if you have it, and find out how much you have. Find out how long you have to file a claim and ask about if the amount will exceed the deductible. For example, if you have a small dent in your bumper, it’s going to cost way more to fix it properly than leave it alone or have it pounded out. Why struggle through a homeowners insurance claim when you don’t need to? Find out how long you’re going to wait on the claim and be prepared to obtain estimates for structural repair damage.
  3. When claims are filled out nicer, they’re going to get processed faster. Any mistake can throw off your whole homeowners insurance claim. Once the forms have been sent to you, fill them out promptly. They’re supposed to be done in a timely manner. And then return the claim to avoid delays or problems for the future.
  4. An expert like an insurance adjuster needs to come out and check out the damage to the house, whatever has been done. They can ultimately determine for you what’s worth any money and what isn’t. An adjuster will probably come to your home. That third-party representative is who makes the decisions towards filing a homeowners insurance claim: you’ll get interviewed and the property will be inspected.
  5. Make sure you have certain items ready for the adjuster to really look at, including structural damage, mold, and whatever’s damaged throughout the house. Show the temporary repairs you’ve made so far and wait till the adjuster starts saying you can get rid of bad parts. Photograph and video go a long way in 2019. Also, always save receipts. Keep them neatly organized if you can. When it comes to damages and receipts, sometimes it’s the only way to know if something can be done or not. On top of that, you never know when it’s going to be reimbursed by your insurance later. There’s also ways to electronically save receipts know so you can’t lose them.
  6. The last things you should do is compile a list of lost or damaged articles. This way you can substantiate your loss later Having a copy of this for your adjuster will make their life a lot easier. Also, give them receipt copies from receipts that were damaged goods. If you have a home inventory, this process should be quick. And finally, don’t be afraid to ask any questions. Every state varies by law, so calling a homeowners insurance professional or your state department is a great way to start.


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