We do insurance differently
(and better) around here.

Bringing good things to
the insurance-buying experience.

The genesis behind Transparity Insurance Services was born out of a simple idea: to make the insurance-buying experience easy and hassle-free. As colleagues in the automotive industry, we realized how difficult it was for clients to keep track of their insurance policies, much less include a new vehicle on them. Our clients, after going through the time-consuming and extensive process of purchasing a vehicle, then had to get an insurance agent to obtain auto coverage. This added even more time to the process, especially if the agent wasn’t responsive. With today’s technology, there is no reason why obtaining insurance should be such a complicated ordeal. We decided to change all of this with Transparity Insurance Services.

Whether you’re looking to insure your vehicles, home and all the fun stuff you own, or want to be risk-ready in your business, we will make things quicker, easier, and more transparent than ever.

How do we do this,

By focusing on what most companies today don’t do:

  • Providing incomparable customer service
  • Being clear & transparent
  • Making things simple, easy, & efficient
  • Ensuring every policy fits your needs in addition to being the most cost-effective

No matter what type of insurance policy you need, we will strive to make your experience the best you have ever had.

Meet the team behind Transparity.

Nathaniel S. Dickout

Nathaniel comes to the insurance industry with over 15 years’ experience in the automotive industry, 10 of which were in a sales-oriented, customer-facing position. During the past 7 years, Nathaniel has taken the role of Finance Director for one of the most productive BMW dealerships in Houston. Consequently, his numerous years of diligence have gifted him with uncommon knowledge and insight into the finance industry’s state and federal regulations. Beyond his extensive knowledge, Nathaniel’s dedication and ability to be a self-motivated leader led to the founding of Transparity Insurance Services. Nathaniel’s main focus is providing premier customer service while seamlessly utilizing technology to streamline the insurance process and the agency itself.

David C. Sabart

After spending more than a decade in the auto industry, David was ready to take on a new challenge in the insurance industry. Beyond possessing numerous years of experience in marketing, sales, and management, David is also an expert at implementing new technologies to make nearly any process easier and more efficient. Furthermore, he is adept at finding new, forward-thinking ways to solve problems that allow all parties to be treated in a mutually beneficial manner. David’s goal is to implement these skills while working alongside both Nathaniel & Dustin in order to change the insurance business not only for the betterment of the insurer, but even more importantly you – our client.

Dustin R. Bartley

Dustin has worked in the Customer Service and Sales industry for over 10 years. Within those 10 years, Dustin has worked diligently as a product trainer and expert. He also has vast experience helping departments manage new technologies in order to allow streamline efficiency, productivity and better-quality results.

It’s time for a different
insurance experience.

When we founded Transparity Insurance Services, we were looking to do things differently. We wanted clients to have a hassle-free, positive experience when insuring their property and assets. This meant making things simple, easy and efficient with state-of-the-art technology, delivering great customer service with open and transparent communication, and putting into place the right insurance program at competitive pricing. We invite you to experience what that’s all about. Start by giving us a call at (855) 889-2037.