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insurance products.

Go online, turn on the TV, flip through the paper, and there is no shortage of headlines on the latest lawsuits against businesses for a wide range of liability exposures. From directors and officers being sued for poor company performance, the #MeToo movement that has put the focus on sexual harassment allegations in the workplace, to cyber breaches hitting all types of businesses across all industries, companies are vulnerable to legal disputes that can be costly. Making sure our clients are prepared for these and other risks is what we do at Transparity Insurance Services with the portfolio of product lines we offer.

Errors & Omissions insurance.

Mistakes and oversights are bound to happen when providing professional services, whether you’re an architect, accountant, attorney, real estate agent/property manager, or in another profession. These mistakes can cut into profits – even devastating a small business – without proper protection. That’s why Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance, also known as Professional Liability insurance, is so important. With E&O, you get “we have your back” coverage when an error or negligence occurs in the course of providing clients with a professional service that allegedly causes financial damage. You get defense coverage even if a lawsuit is without merit and payment to cover resulting settlements and judgments against you or your company, up to the coverage limits.

Directors & Officers insurance.

Directors and officers today face increased scrutiny by regulators, shareholders, and plaintiffs, resulting in a rise in lawsuits and investigations. To protect against management liability exposures, public companies readily secure Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability insurance, which provides an invaluable safety net for management and the company itself. But D&O is not only for the big guns; private companies and non-profits should also carry D&O coverage. One lawsuit can prove detrimental to the profits and reputation of an organization and its ability to carry on.  D&O coverage can be designed to cover lawsuits involving shareholder suits over company or stock performance, creditor or investor suits over mismanagement or dereliction of fiduciary duties, failure to comply with regulations or laws, employment practices and HR issues, pollution and regulatory claims, and cyber liability exposures.

Employment Practices
Liability insurance.

Businesses large and small are increasingly facing allegations of discrimination, harassment, unlawful termination, wage-and-hour disputes, retaliation claims and other charges. Employment Practices Liability insurance (EPL) is designed to respond should you find yourself involved with one of these types of disputes. It will cover the cost of your legal defense and settlement for a covered claim. We can design a policy specifically to meet the needs of your firm.

Cyber Liability insurance.

Cyber hackers don’t discriminate – whether you are a large or high-profile organization or a small to midsize business, your firm is vulnerable to today’s evolving threats. What was once considered an emerging risk now tops the list of exposures all businesses should be managing. Cyber Liability insurance is available to pay for first- and third-party expenses in the event of an incident. First-party expenses include things like notification costs after a breach, forensics to determine how the breach occurred, customer credit and fraud monitoring services, crisis management to mitigate damage to your company’s reputation, and more. Third-party costs involve judgments, civil awards, or settlements you’re legally obligated to pay after a data breach. Our staff can design a Cyber policy to meet your specific needs, depending on your operation and the industry you’re in.

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