Pandemic Traveling: Considerations for RV’ing

Self-contained RVs seem to be the best way to head out for an adventure right now, but there are many things you should consider to travel safely and responsibly. Amid pandemic traveling, many people are confused about whether or not it’s safe to go camping right now. Some still strongly recommend staying home as much as possible. However, state and national parks are slowly starting to allow day-use visitors, and some campsites that had closed are reopening. More and more travelers are seeking self-contained RVs as the perfect way to travel safely during this pandemic. RV rental companies confirm that bookings have skyrocketed. If you’re one of those RVers, there are things you should consider to keep yourself and the communities that you visit safe during the trip. Throughout your travels, make sure you stay up to date on any news or rule changes in the places you’ll be visiting.

Here are 9 Tips to Consider for RV Travel

Proper Planning

One of the best tips for pandemic traveling is to plan where you will be staying before booking an RV. Be sure to do your research before traveling, think about where you will stop to sleep, and gas and supplies. Do your best to reduce the number of stops and the number of transmission points you encounter.

You might also want to stick to one destination rather than stringing together a few places. Keep in mind that you will need reservations, and spots are booking up quickly. Even with RV campgrounds that may have been a bit flexible around reservations, they may be making necessary changes to their protocols and limiting how many people can come in. It is best to check in advance and make reservations. Look at day-use regulations on hiking trails and parks you plan on visiting with local or state park websites.

Stay Close to Home

Since state and local restrictions differ from place to place, most RVers are not currently traveling far. It is advised to take this opportunity to check out what’s in your area.

Check Guidelines

Check the local health departments at your destination and along the routes to learn about any new restrictions or regulations in each place, such as mandatory masks or required quarantine upon arrival, as pandemic traveling requires a bit more forethought.

Contact your campground before visiting to learn their requirements and what they are doing to ensure visitors’ safety. For instance, some campgrounds have modified check-in processes, only allowing self-contained RVs to check-in, and have temporarily closed pools.

Pick an RV with a Bathroom

Not all RVs have bathrooms and showers, and campgrounds that do and are starting to reopen, their facilities like showers and bathrooms might not be open yet. It may be better to choose a bigger model vehicle that has a shower and a toilet so you won’t have to worry about finding open facilities.

Disinfect your RV

RV rental companies have instituted new cleaning policies for vehicles, however, disinfecting the vehicle yourself when you pick it up can go a long way toward helping your state of mind. It is always good to know you are starting things off with a clean slate. Disinfect hard surfaces, focusing on any handles, doorknobs, and light switches.

Plan your Meals

Meal planning is usually part of the pre-trip checklist, and nowadays, it is best to be even more thorough. Stock up on groceries ahead of time to minimize your interaction with smaller communities you may be traveling through. Expect to cook throughout the trip and be equipped with plenty of nonperishables if you end up in a place where grocery stores are closed.

When in Doubt, Pack It

Pack masks, hand sanitizers, cleaning items, and day-to-day supplies like bedsheets, towels, cooking supplies, and cookware.

Social Distancing

Stay six feet away from strangers, park rangers, and campground attendants to protect both you and them. Avoid congregating at trailheads and viewpoints, and although social activities like campfires are standard when RVing, now is the time to avoid those. You might want to opt for smaller, less-known campgrounds rather than the bucket-list ones, as those will be more crowded.

Other Considerations

If you’re heading out for some RV travel, keep in mind you can also get your RV rental delivered. Many owners will deliver the RV to your campsite and get everything set up for your arrival.

Make sure to do a walk-through of the vehicle before hitting the road. You should know how to operate the generator, electrical hookups, and dumping the water tanks. Many rental companies are even doing virtual walk-throughs to avoid unnecessary contact.

Pandemic traveling via RV isn’t impossible, it just takes a few more steps to plan to ensure safety and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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