The 3 Best Renovations to Enhance Your Home’s Value

There are many reasons why renovations are a great idea for homeowners. Not only do they lower your Homeowners Insurance premiums, provide much-needed upgrades to the place where you spend the majority of your time, and offer a fun and rewarding experience, but some renovations can raise your home’s value, giving you more options if you ever decide to sell your home. 

According to a Nerdwallet survey conducted by The Harris Poll online among 4,000 American homeowners in August 2018, 65 percent of participants believe that the value of their home is going to go up in the next 10 years. With the right renovations, your home could be among those.

If your home is one of your largest assets, it’s no wonder you’re going to want to upkeep it over the years. Not taking care of your home is completely counterproductive. When renovations are necessary, get ready to dive in. Here are some of the best renovations to increase your home’s value in the long run.

#1: A Nice, Well-Maintained Lawn

First impressions are everything, and having an aesthetically pleasing lawn and curbside to your home can make a huge difference to buyers and agents. Making sure that a home looks good both inside and out will help retain its worth as the years pass.

Harboring these qualities can add five percent to your home value, says HomeAdvisor, meaning that every facet of your front yard should be immaculate. Driveways should be properly maintained, as well as the lawn. Driveways can take on a lot of wear and tear from your car over the years, so taking the time to get yours repainted or remodeled can make a big difference in how your home appears to a new visitor.

If you don’t have the time to regularly take care of your front yard, or you live in a climate that isn’t conducive to a beautiful green lawn, consider getting fake grass. It’ll keep your house forever looking uniform and requires very little maintenance. If you’re going to get plants or outside decor, make sure everything stays nice and tidy.

#2: Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient home is going to be a home that puts money right back in your bank through the savings you’ll get. Leaving a massive home value impact, some of these things are not only cost-friendly, but they’re incredibly helpful to the world. Being energy efficient will definitely help with many long-term homeowner costs, including insurance and your mortgage.

For example, installing solar panels means you no longer have to run off electricity. When electricity fails, solar panels will prevail. If you have parts of you home that experience drastic temperature changes, it would be helpful to try and balance them out. Windows, attics, LED lighting and efficient energy appliances can be purchased to enhance your home while keeping it energy efficient.

#3: An Upgraded, Modern Kitchen

This is where you’re going to spend the most time, so why not keep fresh? Consumer Reports found that the majority of millennials long for a sleek kitchen, and are willing to pay for it. In reality, upgrading a kitchen isn’t a large investment. But it has great benefits. Expect a three to seven percent rise in your home once the kitchen is renovated.

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