Set These New Year’s (Maintenance) Resolutions for Your Home

Every year, we set New Year’s resolutions to eat more healthily, spend more time at the gym, save more money, or fulfill our personal or professional lives. This year, it will be beneficial to try focusing your resolution on home improvement. Through a few simple tasks, you can improve your home’s value, save money and de-clutter your life.

The start of a new year (and a new decade!) is the perfect time for a fresh start by doing some easy simple work on your home. First, make sure you have strong homeowners insurance in place to protect your investment (especially if you plan to DIY your maintenance), and then consider what you want to achieve in your home in 2020.

Make the Most of Your Floor Plan

Rearrange your furniture and optimize your rooms for a better use of your space. With a modern, open floor plan you’d be surprised at how much flexibility you have. Through this small change to your environment, you can truly improve your mood and encourage productivity.

Take Control of Your Energy Bills

Even just 5 minutes of mindfulness every day can make a huge difference on energy cost savings, whether it’s turning off lights, turning down the thermostat or checking to make sure windows and doors are properly sealed. Make it even more simple for yourself and your family with smart home technology, allowing you to control the temperature, locks, and lighting remotely. This is a newer way for homeowners to take advantage of these hidden savings. Even just switching your lightbulbs to compact fluorescents can increase your energy savings by up to 75 percent.

Make an Outdoor Living Space

Make the most of your backyard, porch or deck by creating a space that people actually want to spend time in. Make a unique outdoor living experience that you and loved ones can really enjoy. You’d be surprised how easy it can be to transform even a small balcony. Redoing your outdoor living space can bring your hosting abilities and how you fell about it to a whole new level. 

De-Clutter & Organize

You can help your house lose some “weight” by de-cluttering and organizing your items. ​​​Don’t try to do too much in too little time. Organizing takes effort, and it’s not the most exciting task you can take on for a weekend. Make sure you’re not pushing yourself to finish in an unreasonable amount of time. You’re more likely to get burnt out if you don’t take your time.

Do you have a donation pile? Don’t procrastinate boxing up your pile and donating those items. You can always go in shifts to your local Goodwill.

Many individuals buy boxes and tubs, hoping it will help them get organized, but the boxes end up not fitting their needs. Get organized first, then determine what you need to purchase after. You’ll save money and have a better system in place for the new year.

Upgrade to Maintenance-Free Materials

If you own a resale home, then you could be in need of an upgrade. Update your home with maintenance-free materials like fiber-cement siding, LED light bulbs and ceramic tile. You will save money on energy costs and be able to live with much less stress since you will not need to replace and repair things as frequently. After fulfilling this wishlist that your home likely has, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits.  

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