RV Crime: How to Deter Thieves

RV’s are easy targets for thieves, as they can simply drive away with not only the valuables inside, but your entire trailer. RV crime has become increasingly common and a serious concern for many of these campers. Obtaining an RV insurance quote is the first step in protecting your investment. Whether you are an experienced RV traveler or are new to the camping lifestyle, you should make safety a priority and use these tips to help deter thieves.

RV Crime Prevention Tips

Follow these simple ways to decrease the likelihood of your RV being burglarized or tampered with.

Parking your Trailer

When you arrive at the campsite, or even when the camper is in your driveway, you should think about how you park it. Reversing the camper into a parking spot is very common, since it’s easier to drive off when you’re ready to go home, but it also makes it easier for someone else to quickly hitch up your trailer (or jump in your car to take it) while you are away from the campsite.

Consider turning your camper around and position the hitch away from the standard access point to help deter potential thieves. The perpetrator would have to physically turn the camper around in order to steal it which requires much more time and effort.

Fully Secured

Locking your trailer goes beyond your doors and windows. Consider a lock that goes around the kingpin. A couple good options are a padlock and a cylinder lock.

You may also want to consider getting a boot to cover the wheel and prevent it from turning. This can also prevent the lugs from being stolen from the wheel (thieves may try to change tires on the camper) so choose one that covers the lugs so tires can’t be changed.

Avoid hosting temptations near your campsite. Keep valuables out of sight, lock doors and windows, and clean up your camping area.


You don’t want any expensive gear or equipment in view to be the reason thieves broke in. Consider putting the shades down if you leave the campsite.

Safety in Numbers

Camping around other people means that you can look out for one another’s space. Plus, thieves avoid populated areas.

Get a Safe

If you keep any valuables in your RV, consider bringing along a small safe to keep your cash, credit cards, or jewelry secured and out of sight.

Security System

Investing in the right security system for your camper can make all the difference. Alarms, deadbolts, and motion detecting lights all go a long way. Securing your RV is worth the peace of mind you’ll receive.

Motion detector lights are a common and great security measure for RV’ers. While camping, or even when your RV is parked in your own driveway, it can get very dark at night. You can place lights behind the camper, at the door, and on the corners.

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