Preparing Your Texas Home for a Hurricane

Your Texas home is one of your largest investments, so protecting it should be a top priority. Hurricane season has been and will continue to be a serious threat to your home. Keep in mind that the seasonal outlook forecast can not predict where and when storms will form, let alone the impacts. Plus, it just takes one storm to hit your area to put you in financial devastation, regardless of the number of storms forecasted in the seasonal outlook. Luckily, there are some things you can do to improve the chances of your texas home will make it through a storm.

Secure and Seal your Roof

It all starts with the roof on your Texas home, as it is the largest potential opening on the house, and wind and water can cause significant damage if they get through. Examine your roof, ensuring all the shingles or tiles are secured and that none are cracked or missing. If you’re reroofing, consider sealing the roof deck, which involves either putting waterproof tape over the roof’s seams or covering the entire roof with a membrane that seals water out.

Secure External Structures

Porches or carports could potentially catch enough wind and lead to tearing a hole in your house. It is very important that the posts supporting your porch, carport, or other structures attached to your Texas home are firmly anchored to the ground.

Seal Windows, Doors, Holes

Check the seals for each window and door. All weather, but especially hot climates, can damage seals over time. This allows sideways-blowing rain to get in during a storm easily.

Cable or other electrical wires coming into the side of your Texas home are connected through a hole to an exterior wall. You can seal these holes with caulk to prevent water from getting in.

Clear the Lawn

You don’t want to create even more hazards for you and your neighbors by leaving things lying around in your yard. Any items that can be picked up by strong winds, such as a grill, lawn furniture, and garden gnomes should be stored away or properly secured to the ground.

Reinforce your Garage Door

It is common for garage doors to get blown in during bad storms, and depending on the structure of your home, they could even potentially tear your house apart. You can strengthen your garage door by installing a vertical brace and reinforcing it with horizontal wooden beams.

Review Your Insurance Policies

Your TX flood insurance policies should be reviewed annually and should cover the full cost of rebuilding if you were to lose your home in a storm. Many people insure their home to match its value, however, the cost to rebuild likely exceeds that. Building costs are always increasing, so it is in your best interest to ensure you will be covered if you have to rebuild.

It is also smart to consider flood insurance since most homeowner insurance policies cover damage during a hurricane, but not the floods that often follow the storm. Many homes have been destroyed by hurricane flooding, and all too often, people are not insured for that. With the huge amount of flooding associated with hurricanes, adequate coverage can make or break you.

Take an Inventory of Your Property

Make notes of your possessions each year, so you know exactly what you need to replace and how much it’s worth. You can even use apps to document your possessions and your insurance policies, so you know what you own and what your policies cover. Be prepared to get in touch with your agent regarding your coverage or a specific claim.

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