Common RV Mistakes to Avoid

Even the most seasoned RV owners will occasionally make mistakes. Some mishaps are smaller, such as forgetting to bring in the awning or properly latch the pantry. While unfortunately, other mistakes are much more costly and dangerous. To help you avoid expensive repairs or negative consequences, consider these common RV mistakes.

Getting Ahead of Yourself

Not everyone is fortunate enough to take an extended RV trip, so typically people have to try to cram in as much as possible in a two-week vacation window. However, that fast-paced mentality can create way too much stress during an RV trip. Be realistic about the places you are trying to go to and the duration of time you have.  At some point, that fast-paced travel will likely wear you out. After all, if you have to drive the whole time, that doesn’t leave much room for fun. It is advised to slow down and plan a less ambitious route to help enjoy your RV trip.

Not Considering Your Lifestyle

What type of RV best fits your lifestyle? From small tow behind trailers to ultra-luxurious coaches. Take your time exploring all the options to choose the right RV for your needs. If you rush and get the first RV you come across, it might not be the right fit. Check out RV shows with various styles of RVs to scope out your options. You may also find it helpful to ask questions on online forums. Or, you might even rent a couple of different RV types to get a feel for what you are looking for.

Forgetting about the Awning

RV awnings offer shade, protection from the rain, and privacy. However, they are also known to be a hassle. Just a few seconds of high wind can easily turn an awning to a heap of twisted metal and shredded fabric if it isn’t dismantled before driving. Always be sure to bring your awning in if there is a sign of bad weather. Also, don’t trust the automatic wind sensors. When in doubt, it is worth rolling it up.

Not Leveling the RV

Trying to live in and enjoy your RV at an angle will not be easy! Luckily you can avoid this issue by simply leveling your RV. The process varies depending on your RV type, but the basic premise is the same. Don’t assume all campground sites will be level (even paved sites in fancy RV parks can be uneven).


It can be tempting to take more than needed on trips. But keep in mind that RVs have weight limits that can make driving and stopping very dangerous when the limit is exceeded. Chances are if you stock your RV with plenty of necessary provisions, you won’t be overweight.

If you are not mindful when packing, you could be in trouble. Make a list, cross off things you don’t really need, and then come back to it after packing the essentials. After all, the trip should be more about the experiences than the things you bring.

Forgetting to Check and Recheck

Prior to taking off on a trip, always check and recheck the rig, walking around to check lights, outside compartment doors, and the vehicle connections. Ensure that all the windows and vents are closed. For the interior, check that the cupboard and doors are securely latched, and items are properly stowed. You can save many potential issues from arising by thoroughly checking and rechecking every time.

Proper RV Handling

You cannot drive an RV as you would a regular car. RV ownership is a big responsibility in so many ways. You must learn how to properly drive your RV prior to taking your first real trip. There are specific techniques, such as:

  • Slowing down in high winds
  • Learning how to turn
  • Properly backing up

These can take time to learn, so take your RV to a large empty parking lot and practice before heading out on the road. Consider taking an RV driving class and asking seasoned RVers for tips.

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