Addressing Cyber Threats in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically pushed the shift to work-from-home for many employees and has changed how many businesses operate. Some issues such as cybersecurity continue to evolve as these threats shift. With the new landscape for the workforce, quickly pushing employees to work remotely has caused cybersecurity to be a forced consideration. Businesses must rethink their strategies if they have begun to use remote operations and think about their new cyber threats and how they will implement updated risk management.

The Impact of COVID

COVID-19 has led perpetrators to target vulnerable networks. The pandemic has highlighted the fact that cybercriminals will use times of uncertainty to their advantage. Cybercriminals and hacking groups will adapt their techniques and tactics to the current conditions, such as using phishing emails with a subject-line about COVID-19 updates, work-from-home changes, or government stimulus programs as an attempt to get more victims to click.


Ransomware will likely remain one of the biggest concerns for security teams. Those behind these attacks are only becoming better at infiltrating enterprise networks, such as attacking remote access interfaces and malware. This threat will continue to evolve as not just a security incident but also a data breach. Organized cybercrime groups will steal the data before encryption, so you won’t be getting data back if it has been shared publicly.

Internal Threats

A remote workforce brings more opportunities for accidental breach by opening up a phishing email or giving credentials without giving much thought. In contrast, businesses must also consider that workers themselves might see ways to benefit from the data that comes with more access and less supervision. Insider threats are now one of the largest security risks organizations face as workers may use credentials to gain access to valuable assets. You may be forced to find internal malicious acts within your network.

Network Changes

With just about everything moving towards a digital platform, protecting data must evolve as many traditional networks are being abandoned. More businesses will need to use more zero-trust approaches to secure data. Important data was once only kept on-premise with limited access to vulnerable records and communications. Nowadays, information and communications are so widespread. Companies are letting go of on-premise operating structures and moving to other identities such as cloud-enabled technology, which inevitably brings about new risks. It is in your best interest to consider the advantages of Texas Cyber Liability insurance to protect your business.

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