An Owner’s Guide to RV Storage

Hopefully you are getting some good use out of your RV. Whether you take it to lakes, beaches, forests, parks, or anywhere else, RV’s provide the perfect vehicle to travel cross-country. A lucky few may live in climates that permit them to drive their RVs year-round, but others don’t get that luxury, which may require long-term RV storage. Having a plan for how you’re going to store your RV is crucial.

Why Store Your RV at Home?

If you put your vehicle in a park or facility, you’re going to pay for it. The cost will depend upon the size of your RV and whether it is an indoor or outdoor facility. If you do want your RV inside, this is going to be even costlier. Another critical reason to consider storing your RV at home is the long-term care of the vehicle. So, what happens to an RV that’s just left out in the elements? It sits in more extreme temperatures and is exposed to harsh weather. When your RV is at your home, you can clean it and tend to it on your terms. However, keeping an RV at home is not an option for everybody. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have the room for my RV at home?
  • Where can I keep my RV on my property?
  • Is it legal to do this?
  • Will my RV be in a safe, protected spot?
  • Will it be a nuisance to my neighbors?

How and Where to Park your RV

If you are storing an RV at home, you’ll need to consider how to park it. Does your garage or driveway sit at an angle? This can be problematic, as there’s a matter of weight distribution, possibly damaging the axles and other interior and exterior components. Plus, this can be significantly damaging to your RV refrigerator, and you’ll also have to use wheel blocks to prevent the RV from rolling down the driveway. Avoid hills, angles, and slopes whenever possible.

When parking, you have to watch your home’s roofline to avoid clipping it and steer clear of trees and foliage. Clean up trees and foliage before attempting to store your RV. Keep in mind that you must also park so that your neighbors can look beyond your RV. If it’s obstructing their view while driving or walking down the street, that puts them in great danger.

Preparing Your Vehicle for the Winter

To adequately protect your RV when storing it away for an expected period, you will want to tend to certain areas.  Winterizing your vehicle is needed if you want an RV that’s ready to drive come Springtime. Take care of the following:

●     Faucets, Drains, and Pumps

●     Heaters and Seals

●     Plumbing, Interior Items, and Electricity

●     Engine, Tires, and Exterior Parts

●     Bugs/Insects/Critters (reseal and deep clean RV interior)

Security Measures

Unfortunately, there is the possibility that someone could vandalize, destroy, and even try to steal your vehicle. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, an RV is a significant investment that should be adequately protected. Consider getting security installed in and around your RV. This can be costly, depending on the kind of tech you use, but is a necessary security measure if your vehicle is out in the open in your driveway.

Battery Storage

It is vital to care for your battery properly. Always be sure to take the battery out when you are storing your RV for the winter. Otherwise, it may likely freeze. Store your battery in a place with mild temperatures, out of direct sunlight and on plywood or another surface, not on the floor. Also, charge it semi-regularly, aiming for when it gets to about 80%.

Covering Your RV

If the driveway is the only place your RV will fit, it is in your best interest to cover it to help prevent sun, rain, wind, and snow damage on it’s exterior.  With the better temperature control that a cover allows, the RV will maintain some warmth with this insulation in the cold of winter.

Tip: Spray critter repellent all over the cover to help ward off unwanted visitors.

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