Considering Becoming a Full-Time RVer? Here’s What You Need to Know First

Living in an RV full-time isn’t a totally far out idea. There have been countless people who have tackled the challenge because they’ve wanted to live a life on the open road. The Washington Post recently covered a story about one million Americans living in RVs in 2018; they are sometimes called the modern nomads.

Those that took off on the road who talked to the news outlet found that their marriages and quality of life improved vastly. Considering how rent prices continue to rise across the nation, taking on a new change might seem more tempting as the days pass.

But if you’re planning on uprooting your whole life to start something entirely new, it’s probably good to know a little more about what you’re going to be facing. When you know what it takes to become a full-time RVer, you’ll know if you’re ready to make this change to your lifestyle.

Think About the Ways Your RV Will be Used

Once you go full-time, there’s more than one way an RV can be used throughout the year. What you choose to do with your RV dictates the amount of money going into the lifestyle. Here are some of the ways to use an RV, courtesy of ToughNickel:

  1. Keep your unit in a campground.
  2. Keep your unit on land that you’ve personally purchased.
  3. Continuously travel across the US.
  4. Do a combination of the above choices.

Each choice is going to harbor pros and cons, but when you rotate between those choices, it’s going to be the best decision for the overall health of your RV.

Take Practice Runs Before Committing

If you’ve never traveled extensively in an RV, it’s a safe idea to get in some test runs first. Life on the road might not be for everyone, which is why you should always make sure that you’re sure about throwing away your permanent home for a nomadic lifestyle. It’s important to figure out what kind of RVer you really are before diving in. You may not like permanent life on the road. For a lot of people, a few weeks or months is plenty for them, and they’d prefer to return to their permanent dwellings between trips. Once you’ve figured out if uprooting your life and driving across the country is what you really want, then it’s time to decide on how much home you’re going to need.

Figure Out What You Need

Since you’re going to be on the road, hanging onto extra possessions is going to be a no-no. Take inspiration from pop culture and instill some Marie Kondo into your RV living. Being organized is not only going to make life easier, but it will make it safer. Holding onto clutter can turn out to be a fire hazard, and will weigh down your RV. Harboring a minimalist mindset is key when taking on a nomadic lifestyle.

Other tips from Camping World include having enough mechanical skills to temporarily fix an RV, staying connected through WiFi and having a consistent plan of action while on the road. If an emergency situation hits, would your RV have enough supplies to tide you over until you can get your RV fixed or get to shelter? Think about having a stock of water, food (as well as a way to safely cook it), warmth, and entertainment.

Finally, before setting out, it’s time to think about RV Insurance. Even if you have an RV that you only take on occasional trips, you’ll need RV Insurance. If you’re deciding to make your RV your home and drive it around 24/7, 365 days a year, then you may need more insurance coverage than the average camper. How do you find out how much you’ll need? Talk to an insurance agent today to get an RV Insurance quote specialized to your RV and how you plan on using it.

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