What to Do if You Sense a Potential Lawsuit from a Client

There comes a time in nearly every professional’s life when they’re threatened with a lawsuit. Sometimes a client is simply sue-happy. Other times, there may be a legitimate issue that needs to be addressed. And there are just high-risk vocations: 1 in 2 doctors will be sued by the age of 55. Regardless, the time to react is now. What should you do if you feel that a lawsuit is coming?

Find Out More Information

Don’t admit to anything and don’t discuss anything. However, do find out from the client specifics about why they are intending to sue. Sometimes it’s a well-founded threat, other times it isn’t. If it sounds like nonsense, it’s likely that the client is just throwing out a threat. They would need to convince a lawyer to take their case, which is a nontrivial task.

Collect Your Documentation

Now’s the time to collect all the conversations you’ve had with this client up until now. That includes any emails you’ve sent, text messages you’ve received, and the dates and times of your meetings. You’ll want to have as much information as you can, because you never know what will be able to help you if you really do end up in court.

Contact a Lawyer

Now’s the time to contact a lawyer for a consultation. But, for the most part, most people who are going to sue you aren’t going to threaten you first: they’ll just sue. Your lawyer will tell you whether they even have a case. It’s possible to sue without a reasonable case (anyone can sue for anything), but that doesn’t mean it’s possible to win. Often, a letter from a lawyer will smooth over the entire situation.

Consider Making an Offer

If you want the issue to go away (or if you believe that the client could have an actual case), you can have your lawyer make an offer. Often, this will be in the form of a settlement. The client should be able to tell you what they want from you, or you may need to make an offer based on the damages that you’re aware of. Your lawyer will tell you whether it’s better to make an offer or it is better to go to court.

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