Setting Up Camp: Tips for First-Time RV Goers

Those who are newbies to the RV world might have a learning curve for getting situated at an RV camp. When driving up to the grounds, especially when you are not too familiar with the way your rig should be handled, you are likely not sure about how to set it up.

It is recommended to be equipped with a checklist to help keep track of what you have and haven’t done, especially if you are not a frequent user. Splitting the chores between individuals with someone managing the checklist is helpful to prevent leaving something important out. Keep in mind that there is so much involved in setting up an RV, and the needs will differ between RV models. However, there are common grounds that should be covered for all RVs, so you will have to make adjustments for your particular needs.

Upon Arrival

When you arrive at the campground, you will first want to check-in at the campground registration area. It can be helpful to get a map of the campground and find your campsite. Walk the site doing a thorough examination. What to survey:

  • If there is adequate space for the rig
  • The location of all the connections
  • If there is space for the awning
  • If you will have to drive through or have to back up into the site

Setting Up Your RV

After checking in, you can then disconnect any towed vehicles and secure the stabilizer jacks. Be sure to set the parking brake if you are using a motorhome and lock up the wheels. The electricity voltage should be tested prior to rig hook up, which can be done with a voltmeter. The RV should be plugged into the receptacle that matches the amperage requirements. Anything below 105 volts and above 135 can damage your appliances.

Depending on the campground, you may be required to use an electrical adapter. Otherwise, a circuit breaker will do the trick. Next, you can turn your fridge on and hook up the water regulator to the water supply. Before attaching your water lines, it is recommended to use a water filter for the freshwater tank. The white water hose gets attached to the camp supply and your RV. (Only use the pump to pull water from the freshwater tank when there is no other water source available). Then, attach the sewer hose to the drain outlet by securing the locking tabs by turning it.

Check that the water heater tank is full of water and that the bypass mode is off. If you can and want to hook up cable TV, you can do so with a TV coax cable. If you are not getting a connection, you may need to raise the antennae. After all that, you can start doing the more fun part of setting up, such as putting out your chairs and firing up the BBQ.

It is worth your time to learn how your RV works and be prepared to take care of minor issues. Mishaps and mistakes do happen, which is why it is so important to have secured the best RV insuranceavailable. Have plenty of tools and spare parts on hand in case something was to go wrong.

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